Are the risks of STIs overblown?

A provocative article by one of my favorite bloggers, Ozymandias: Care Less About STIs | Thing of Things. An excerpt:

Assuming you are not immunosuppressed, currently pregnant, or otherwise going to have abnormally bad outcomes from contracting herpes, herpes is a ridiculous thing to care about getting. You know that whole thing about how most people who have STIs don’t know they have STIs? 87.4 percent of people with herpes have no idea they have herpes. But herpes does not have silent symptoms. It’s not like chlamydia, where it’s asymptomatic and you don’t get tested and next thing you know you have pelvic inflammatory disease and you’re infertile. The consequence of herpes is that you get sores on your genitals and they hurt, and evidently for nearly ninety percent of the people who have it the sores matter so little that they don’t even realize they’ve contracted the virus. 
And then that twelve percent of people who know they have herpes? Includes people who had one or two serious flareups and never had another one. Includes people whose partner had herpes that flared up all the time but who are asymptomatic themselves. Includes, in short, quite a lot of people for whom herpes is no big deal. Having regular herpes flareups sucks (although there is medication that helps), but only a very small fraction of people who get herpes will have regular flareups. 
The primary negative consequence of herpes is having to tell people you have herpes. And the best part is that, statistically, a fair number of the people who stigmatize people with herpes? Have herpes themselves.
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