Can you smell personality traits?


Snippets from an online article:
People can guess your personality by simply smelling your t-shirt, research finds.
The study showed that people were as accurate at guessing personality when smelling their clothes as when watching a video of them. 
Not all personality traits were easy to spot, though. The researchers found that people were good at identifying these three personality traits:
  • neuroticism,
  • extraversion,
  • and dominance.
In fact, people were particularly accurate at smelling the dominance (or otherwise) of the opposite sex. 
Smell, though, didn’t provide much insight into whether someone was open to experience, agreeable or conscientious.
...a previous study has shown that you can smell a happy person
“People communicate their happiness to others through their perspiration.
There are chemical compounds in sweat, it turns out, that can be detected by others.
Previous studies have shown that we can smell fear and disgust in sweat — but happiness has been more of a gray area.”
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And read the original scientific papers here: Does Personality Smell? Accuracy of Personality Assessments Based on Body Odour - Sorokowska - 2011 - European Journal of Personality - Wiley Online Library
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